We are another team from Ensimag (Célestin MATTE & Benoit PERSON) who
will contribute to Git and more specifically to Git-Mediawiki for our
one-month school project - and possibly more. We already have a couple
of basic patches in local and will submit them in the upcoming days.
After that, we will start working on more useful features. As a first
start, we thought about these two ideas posted in the Git-Mediawiki’s
issue tracker:
    - A mechanism to preview local modifications in the browser (with
the wiki style) -- https://github.com/moy/Git-Mediawiki/issues/7
    - Support for “push-by-rev” to increase push performance on some
wikis -- https://github.com/moy/Git-Mediawiki/issues/6

If you have any suggestions, ideas, guidances, feel free to share them with us.

Best regards,
Célestin MATTE & Benoit PERSON
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