I'm trying to test this new feature and having problems getting any
results in the following scenario:

i have a repo in local folder


i start the daemon with the following:

git daemon --export-all --base-path=/home/users/myuser/repos
--enable=receive-pack --access-hook=/home/users/myuser/test_hook.bash

test_hook.bash has the following:

echo $@ >> test_hook_out.txt
echo $REMOTE_ADDR >> test_hook_out.txt

the hook is set to be executable - otherwise it complains when i do
anything via git protocol, which proves that it seems to or check the

then i did:

cd ~/tmp/

git clone git://myhost/projectA projectA
cd projectA

and trying to perform some operations like fetch or push. It is cloned
and fetches and pushes successfully.
The problem is that the file test_hook_out.txt doesn't have anything
in it after the execution, So the hook doesn't seem to work.

What might be the issue here?

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