the gitignore rules work so that if a directory is ignored, all files
in that directory are ignored. While that behavior isn't clearly
documented in gitignore, this behavior is consistent across all git
tools (status, ls-files, ...).

An exception is that listing the ignored files using "ls-files -i"
doesn't behave the same way.

$ mkdir d
$ touch d/f
$ echo /d/ > .gitignore
$ git ls-files -o --exclude-standard
.gitignore #d/f is correctly not listed
$ git ls-files -i --exclude-standard
#no output

d/f isn't listed even though it is treated as an ignored file by all
other git tools. That seems inconsistent to me. Is that behavior
intentionally or is this a bug?

A very similar question was asked before:
but without an answer.


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