Thomas Rast wrote:
> Do you have other ways of distinguishing the branch and the state?
> Colors?  I'm a bit too lazy to check.  Perhaps it could be made to only
> use caps if not in colored mode?

Currently, no.   See, 403, 409; we don't have a
separate color for $r.  I didn't introduce a color in this series
because it would conflict with rr/zsh-color-prompt which is in pu: we
can introduce it after that graduates.  I was thinking yellow, since
that's not taken?

You really should use colors.  I don't think it's worth the extra
ugliness to scream in the no-color case.

As such, the prompt is a fine bikeshedding target.  I even introduced
GIT_PS1_SEPARATOR, because some people were unhappy with me stripping
one whitespace (yes, one).  If we go down the configurability road,
we'll either end up with a ton of environment variables, or be made to
write a generalized custom formatter which splices together tons of
arguments using color (super painful).  While I do agree that it is a
matter of taste, we have to make a few compromises for the sake of
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