Thomas Rast <> writes:

> Ramkumar Ramachandra <> writes:
>> Currently, when performing any operation that saves the state and
>> expects the user the continue (like rebase, bisect, am), the prompt
>> screams:
>>   artagnon|completion|REBASE-i 2/2:~/src/git$
>> Lowercase the words, so we get a more pleasant
>>   artagnon|completion|rebase-i 2/2:~/src/git$
> So I'm not sure whether this falls under bikeshedding or actual
> features, but I like the screaming.

Sounds like bikeshedding.

My personal opinion is that "detached in the middle of something" is
not a normal state, and it deserves to be in bold as a reminder.
Let's leave it as-is.

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