On 2012-11-07 22:13, Jeff King wrote:
> On Wed, Nov 07, 2012 at 10:10:59PM +0100, Peter Oberndorfer wrote:
>>>> For me the key to reproduce the problem was to have 2 commits.
>>>> Adding the file in the root commit it did not work. [1]
>>> You probably would need to pass "--root" for it to do the diff of the
>>> initial commit.
>>> The patch below fixes it, but it's terribly inefficient (it just detects
>>> the situation and reallocates). It would be much better to disable the
>>> reuse_worktree_file mmap when we populate the filespec, but it is too
>>> late to pass an option; we may have already populated from an earlier
>>> diffcore stage.
>> Hi,
>> I tested your patch, and i can confirm it fixes the problem for me.
>> (also on my real world test in msysgit)
> Thanks for the report. I'd still like to pursue using a regex library
> that does not require NUL-termination, but I've been distracted by other
> things. I'm going to hold back my copy-to-a-NUL-buffer patch for now and
> see if I can get to the regex thing this week.

are there any news regarding this problem?
The crash seems to still exist in the current version 1.8.3 and master.

Greetings Peter
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