On Mon, Jun 03, 2013 at 07:25:06PM +0200, Peter Oberndorfer wrote:

> > Thanks for the report. I'd still like to pursue using a regex library
> > that does not require NUL-termination, but I've been distracted by other
> > things. I'm going to hold back my copy-to-a-NUL-buffer patch for now and
> > see if I can get to the regex thing this week.
> >
> are there any news regarding this problem?
> The crash seems to still exist in the current version 1.8.3 and master.

Sorry, no, this got dropped due to lack of time. I _think_ it is as
simple as just tweaking the Makefile to unconditionally build against
the compat/ regex library, and then tweaking callsites as appropriate to
use the GNU-specific interface that takes buf/len instead of a
NUL-terminated string.

But there may be some hidden complexities to it.

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