On Wed, Jun 05, 2013 at 03:26:18PM +0000, Lyons, Roy wrote:

> $ git push origin :ABRANCHNAME
> remote: Firing Pre - receive hook
> remote:
> remote:
> remote: Firing Post receive hook
> remote:
> remote: Branch is ABRANCHNAME -- not creating Trigger file since this is not 
> _int branch
> remote: error: Trying to write ref 
> refs/tags/ABRANCHNAME!SN-BL-20130605_100513_04363 with nonexistent object 
> 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000
> remote: fatal: refs/tags/ABRANCHNAME!SN-BL-20130605_100513_04363: cannot 
> update the ref
> To ssh://git@ourgitserver/repositoryname.git
> - [deleted] ABRANCHNAME
> I would not expect this behavior.  Is git attempting to modify the
> tags associated to the HEAD commit on the branch in addition to the
> branch?   If so, I would like to consider this a bug report...

I do not think git is doing anything of the sort. The output you see
above comes from custom hooks on the server. We cannot say for certain
without seeing the hook's code, but it looks like the post-receive hook
is trying to create a tag to point to the tip of every push, but whoever
wrote the hook did not take into account branch deletions (and the fact
that you cannot create a tag pointing at a deletion).

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