Excellent response.  I had not even considered that the hook for creating
these tags would be in the mix.

I withdraw my bug report happily :)


Roy Lyons

On 6/5/13 10:51 AM, "Jeff King" <p...@peff.net> wrote:

>On Wed, Jun 05, 2013 at 03:26:18PM +0000, Lyons, Roy wrote:
>> $ git push origin :ABRANCHNAME
>> remote: Firing Pre - receive hook
>> remote:
>> remote:
>> remote: Firing Post receive hook
>> remote:
>> remote: Branch is ABRANCHNAME -- not creating Trigger file since this
>>is not _int branch
>> remote: error: Trying to write ref
>>refs/tags/ABRANCHNAME!SN-BL-20130605_100513_04363 with nonexistent
>>object 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000
>> remote: fatal: refs/tags/ABRANCHNAME!SN-BL-20130605_100513_04363:
>>cannot update the ref
>> To ssh://git@ourgitserver/repositoryname.git
>> - [deleted] ABRANCHNAME
>> I would not expect this behavior.  Is git attempting to modify the
>> tags associated to the HEAD commit on the branch in addition to the
>> branch?   If so, I would like to consider this a bug report...
>I do not think git is doing anything of the sort. The output you see
>above comes from custom hooks on the server. We cannot say for certain
>without seeing the hook's code, but it looks like the post-receive hook
>is trying to create a tag to point to the tip of every push, but whoever
>wrote the hook did not take into account branch deletions (and the fact
>that you cannot create a tag pointing at a deletion).

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