Le 07/06/2013 10:10, Matthieu Moy a écrit :
> It would be cool to have a "make perlcritic" target in the Makefile so
> that future developers can easily re-run it and avoid repeating the same
> mistakes. As much as possible, "make perlcritic" should produce no
> output at the end of your patch series (either the warnings should be
> fixed, or they should be disabled).

The problem is that I took some policies into account for some parts of
the code, but not for all of it. For instance, in commit [15/18], I put
some numeric values in constants, but not all of them, as I think having
"arg[3]" in the code does make sense. Ignoring this policy for future
developement just to prevent the related warnings from appearing would
prevent us to see useful warning messages from this policy.
Therefore, there still are a dozen warning messages appearing in the
current state...

Anyway, should this be integrated in the current patch or added as an
independant patch?

Célestin Matte
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