Hi, I tried to use the new Git feature to push by default to a different
remote you normally pull but I had some problems. I asked in the #git
IRC channel and been told it looks like a bug and to report it here.

I have 2 remotes, origin and upstream. origin is my private fork (and I
can push to it) while upstream is read-only for me. I have only one
branch, 'master' (present in all the remotes), originally tracking

I changed branch.master.remote to upstream and set
branch.master.pushremote to origin, but when I do I git push I get an

$ git push --dry-run --verbose
fatal: You are pushing to remote 'origin', which is not the upstream of
your current branch 'master', without telling me what to push
to update which remote branch.

I'm using push.default 'simple' to stay forward compatible with Git 2.0.
In the IRC channel they suggested to try with other push.default
settings and I did. 'matching' and 'current' works, but 'simple' and
'upstream' fail with the error message above.

Thank you.

Leandro Lucarella
Senior R&D Developer
sociomantic labs GmbH <http://www.sociomantic.com>
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