Leandro Lucarella wrote:
> Thanks for the detailed explanations, I think this would cover my use
> case. Just for clarification, here are some more details on this use
> case, which I think is becoming very popular among github users.
> We have a "blessed" repository (upstream in my case) and only a few
> people is able to push to it (let's call them maintainers). Every
> developer, including the ones with push access, have to go through peer
> reviewing and are not allowed to push their own commits to upstream. For
> peer reviewing, each have it's own public fork, that other people can
> review and merge/push if is good.

Yes, and I wrote it precisely to address this itch.  git/git is
origin, and artagnon/git is ram.  I just set remote.pushdefault to ram
and continue working as usual.

I apologize for not having thought hard enough about other
push.default modes: I personally use current, and like it very much.
As an added bonus, even new branches created with git checkout -b
hot-branch will get push to go to the right place; no need to set
upstream before pushing.
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