Mathieu Lienard--Mayor wrote:
> As an example, the message:
>         error: 'foo.txt' has changes staged in the index
>         (use --cached to keep the file, or -f to force removal)
> would look like, with advice.rmHints=true:
>         error: 'foo.txt' has changes staged in the index

Um, have you switched the true with false?  advice.* variables are
true by default, and I turn off all of them.

Also, I think you can extend this to also remove add-advice.  Why
would someone want to turn off advice from rm, but not add?  (Unsure
about this)

> Similarly to advice.*, advice.rmHints has been added
> to the config variables. By default, it is set to false, in order to
> keep the messages the same as before. When set to true,  advice
> are no longer included in the error messages.

Ugh, why this roundabout-passive-past tone?  Use imperative tone like this:

Introduce advice.rmHints to control the whether to display advice when
using 'git rm'.  Defaults to true, preserving current behavior.
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