Le 2013-06-08 16:01, Ramkumar Ramachandra a écrit :
Mathieu Lienard--Mayor wrote:
As an example, the message:
        error: 'foo.txt' has changes staged in the index
        (use --cached to keep the file, or -f to force removal)

would look like, with advice.rmHints=true:
        error: 'foo.txt' has changes staged in the index

Um, have you switched the true with false?  advice.* variables are
true by default, and I turn off all of them.
Whoops, my bad, I obviously meant false.

Also, I think you can extend this to also remove add-advice.  Why
would someone want to turn off advice from rm, but not add?  (Unsure
about this)
I'm not so sure i understand. Do you mean rmHints should deactivate addHints aswell, or do you mean that since we're introducing rmHints it would be natural to introduce addHints ?

Similarly to advice.*, advice.rmHints has been added
to the config variables. By default, it is set to false, in order to
keep the messages the same as before. When set to true,  advice
are no longer included in the error messages.

Ugh, why this roundabout-passive-past tone? Use imperative tone like this:
Sorry about that, we'll work on it.

Introduce advice.rmHints to control the whether to display advice when
using 'git rm'.  Defaults to true, preserving current behavior.
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