Jeff King <> writes:

>> 1- Find the remote name of the current branch's upstream and check if it's a
>> wiki one with its url (ie: mediawiki://)
>> 2- Parse the content of the local file (given as argument) using the distant
>> wiki's API.
> Makes sense.
>> 3- Retrieve the current page on the distant mediawiki.
>> 4- Merge those those contents.
> I'm not sure what these steps are for. You are trying to preview not
> just your local version, but pulling in any changes that have happened
> upstream since the work you built on top of?

Same question here. I'd expect "git mw preview" in a mediawiki workflow
to do what "pdflatex foo && evince foo.pdf" do in a latex workflow: see
in rendered form what I've been doing.

In a latex flow, if I want to see how my local changes merge with the
remote ones, I do "git merge && pdflatex", and I'd do the same with "git

> I also wonder if it would be useful to be able to specify not only files
> in the filesystem, but also arbitrary blobs. So in 4b above, you could
> "git mw preview" to see the rendered version of what
> upstream has done.

Next step could even be "git mw diff $from $to", using the wiki to
render the diff. Not a priority, but could be funny.

Matthieu Moy
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