Jeff King <> writes:

> I was thinking that you would be self-contained inside the
> contrib/mw-to-git directory, and therefore you would have to teach your
> code how to install the Git module, and you could not longer just "cp
> git-remote-mediawiki" into the right place to install it.
> But I think we have already crossed that bridge somewhat with
> And if you add your module as perl/Git/ and use the existing
> perl build system, then it is not any extra effort from the build
> system.

I'm not sure having perl/Git/ would be a good idea: this would be really a mediawiki thing more than a Git thing, so
the Git main tree probably want to stay away from it and keep it in

But you should be able to use contrib/mw-to-git/perl/ or
something like that and chain to ../../perl/Makefile in

Also, for now, git-remote-mediawiki works only after you run "make
install" in Git's toplevel. I think that's ok, but it would be weird to
be able to use/test git-remote-mediawiki only after doing a "make
install" to deploy the new mediawiki Perl module.

Matthieu Moy
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