Felipe Contreras wrote:
> The plan is simple; make libgit.a a proper library, starting by
> clarifying what goes into libgit.a, and what doesn't. If there's any
> hopes of ever having a public library, it's clear what code doesn't
> belong in libgit.a; code that is meant for builtins, that code belongs
> in builtins/lib.a, or similar.
> Give this a try:
> --- a/sequencer.c
> +++ b/sequencer.c
> libgit.a(sequencer.o): In function `copy_notes':
> /home/felipec/dev/git/sequencer.c:110: undefined reference to
> `init_copy_notes_for_rewrite'
> /home/felipec/dev/git/sequencer.c:114: undefined reference to
> `finish_copy_notes_for_rewrite'

This is a good example: yes, I'm convinced that the code does need to
be reorganized.  Please resend your {sequencer.c ->
builtin/sequencer.c} patch with this example as the rationale, and
let's work towards improving libgit.a.
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