On Sun, Jun 9, 2013 at 12:03 PM, Ramkumar Ramachandra
<artag...@gmail.com> wrote:
> John Keeping wrote:
>> Calling across from one builtin/*.c file to another is just as wrong as
>> calling into a builtin/*.c file from a top-level file but the build
>> system happens not to enforce the former.
> So libgit.a is a collection of everything that is shared between
> builtins?  Does that correspond to reality?
>   $ ls *.h | sed 's/.h$/.c/' | xargs file
> An example violation: builtin/log.c uses functions defined in
> builtin/shortlog.c.
> What is the point of all this separation, if no external scripts are
> ever going to use libgit.a?

And all the functions should be static, which doesn't seem to be the case:

00000000000003c0 T add_files_to_cache
0000000000000530 T interactive_add
0000000000000410 T run_add_interactive
0000000000001920 T textconv_object
00000000000005b0 T fmt_merge_msg
0000000000000090 T fmt_merge_msg_config
0000000000000c00 T init_db
0000000000000b40 T set_git_dir_init
0000000000000360 T overlay_tree_on_cache
0000000000000500 T report_path_error
00000000000011a0 T copy_note_for_rewrite
0000000000001210 T finish_copy_notes_for_rewrite
0000000000001060 T init_copy_notes_for_rewrite
0000000000000000 T prune_packed_objects
0000000000000510 T shortlog_add_commit
00000000000006b0 T shortlog_init
0000000000000780 T shortlog_output
0000000000000000 T stripspace

Felipe Contreras
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