Am 10.06.2013 19:27, schrieb SZEDER Gábor:
> My main motivation is that, like in your example, in the bash prompt
> tests I only have to check a single line of output, but because of
> debuggability I always did:
>   echo "(master)" >expected
>   __git_ps1 >actual
>   test_cmp expected actual

Chained by &&, I presume.

> With such a helper function this could be reduced to a single line:
>   test_string_equal "(master)" "$(__git_ps1)"
> without loss of functionality

Not quite: A non-zero exit code of the $(__git_ps1) is lost. (It
probably doesn't matter here, but it certainly does if the command is
$(git rev-parse foo) or similar.)

-- Hannes

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