John Keeping <> writes:

> I think the first thing to do is read the "diff.algorithm" setting in
> git-add--interactive and pass its value to the underlying diff-index and
> diff-files commands, but should we also have a command line parameter to
> git-add to specify the diff algorithm in interactive mode?  And if so,
> can we simply add "--diff-algorithm" to git-add, or is that too
> confusing?

Making "git add--interactive" read from diff.algorithm is probably a
good idea, because the command itself definitely is a Porcelain.  We
would probably need a way to defeat the configured default for
completeness, either:

    git add -p --diff-algorithm=default
    git -c diff.algorithm=default add -p

but I suspect that a new option to "git add" that only takes effect
together with "-p" is probably an overkill, only in order to support
the former and not having to say the latter, but I can be persuaded
either way.

As long as "git add --diff-algorithm=foo" without "-i" or "-p"
option lets the user know it has no effect (error out, give warning
and continue, etc. whose details I do not deeply care), that is.
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