Ramkumar Ramachandra <artag...@gmail.com> writes:

> Michael Haggerty wrote:
>> Thank you for drafting a proposed CommunityGuidelines document; I think
>> such a document would be helpful.  But I don't like the overall flavor
>> of your proposal; frankly, it sounds to me more like
>> Documentation/GuidelinesForCommunityToBendOverBackwardsToLiveWithFCsProvocations
> It has nothing to do with Felipe.  I've merely documented repeating
> patterns in fire threads as violations, in an attempt to avoid fires.
> I have not worked forward from axioms to derive "transcendentally
> desirable behavior", but rather backwards from a disaster to derive
> "patterns that have been shown to lead to large fires".  Why?  Because
> it's easier to derive unambiguous statements using my approach; as I
> will show shortly, there are various problems with your arguments.
> What gives you the impression that I documented everyone else's
> violations, but not Felipe's? ;)

It has become clear, also in discussion on IRC, that your preferred
approach is to fight the fires, attempting to extinguish flames as they

My approach -- and in my perception also that preferred by most of the
regulars who have spoken in this whole mess -- is that since there is a
fire hazard, it would be more effective firefighting to just remove the
hazard, thus preventing future fires.

I infer that in your view, there is an inalienable right for the fire
hazard to remain part of the community that you are not willing to give
up.  I for one no longer have such qualms in this instance.

Thomas Rast
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