Jonathan Nieder wrote:
> I don't think most bystanders would misunderstand if I let a certain
> person alone instead of responding and saying "You are being
> unproductive.  Please stop."  But that certain person seems to
> misunderstand, whether I say that or not.  So when I lose patience I
> say so, knowing that it will spark a discussion with others, knowing
> that that discussion needs to happen and that if the problem is not
> addressed I will continue to lose motivation for regular work on-list.
> Is that an instance of taking offense and letting emotion overtake
> reason?  Is that against the rules?

The problem needs to be addressed, Jonathan.  Which is precisely why I
wrote this patch: to calmly and rationally discuss the issue, and
dampen the chances of repetition.  You do not do it by losing your
patience, becoming emotional, and fueling a large ongoing fire.
Prolonging fires do not help prevent them from recurring, as evidenced
by previous fires; this is because there is no takeaway from a fire.
All that's left are a few shreds and ashes.  From this very fire, we
gained NOTHING, and lost Duy.

It is absolutely imperative to keep all our contributors productive,
and maximize output.  If there is something troubling you, this is the
right thread to speak on.
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