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When in the middle of a rebase, users can be easily confused about
what to do, or where they are in the rebase process.

All the information is available in .git/rebase-merge/, but I believe
it would be helpful to have a command (for example 'git rebase
--status') which would explicitely indicate the state of the process.

For instance, the output could look like:

$ git rebase --status
Rebasing my_last_commit onto base_commit
Already applied 2 patches:
        b170635... my_commit_message
        b170635... my_commit_message
Currently applying b170635... my_commit_message
2 patches left to apply:
        b170635... my_commit_message
        b170635... my_commit_message

Another nice thing could be to improve the output of 'git status' by
saying the number of patches left to apply.
As an example, it could say:
        You are currently rebasing (patch 3/5).

What do you think?
Does the name rebase --status seem appropriate?
Should the output be providing more/less information?

Thanks =]
Mathieu Liénard--Mayor,
2nd year at Grenoble INP - ENSIMAG
(+33)6 80 56 30 02
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