John Keeping <> writes:

> The one piece of information that I often want is the SHA1 of the commit
> that is currently being applied.  Currently I have to look through my
> scrollback for the "stopping" message or poke around in .git/.
> Having that in the output of "git status" would be really nice,

... and should be rather easy as it is the content of

Perhaps "git status" could say stg like "(applying 1d3fb08, 2/5)"

> output format you've posted is a big improvement over what we have at
> the moment for this case.

My idea when I wrote the item on the wiki was to keep the a very short
summary in "git status", and to put all the information one could whish
in a separate command. I'd describe it as a complement more than an
improvement ;-).

Matthieu Moy
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