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> [...]
>> That's a very good point (and a good illustration, too).  How do you
>> like the new second and third sentences below?
>> * When reviewing other peoples' code, be tactful and constructive.
>> Remember that submitting patches for public critique can be very
>> intimidating
> I found this to be true. The tone on the list could at times feel un-helpful
> (to the new person). It is almost as if it is an initiation - those on the
> list know the protocols, and new folk either arrive like a bull in a china
> shop, or more likely, timidly push the patch under the door and run away
> (and variations in between) - some never push out their (drafted) patch.

Interesting!  I've had the opposite opinion.  I've often been
surprised at how much constructive feedback has been given, and the
thoughtfulness of the reviewers to offer up alternative solutions,
show examples, etc.  Junio, Jeff, and especially Jonathan have been
particularly good on that front--at least those are some of the
regulars that stick out in my mind.  Overall, I've been pretty happy
with the community, and while I haven't contributed much, I generally
enjoy reading the emails.  I feel like I learn something new all the
time. :-)

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