John Keeping wrote:
>     Ugh, why this roundabout-passive-past tone?  Use imperative tone
>     like this:
>         ...
> vs.
>     We normally use the imperative in commit messages, perhaps like
>     this?
>         ...
> As my mother would say, "politeness costs nothing" ;-)

The review is being honest about her feelings in the first one, and
being artificially diplomatic in the second one.  Both of them are
constructive and friendly, in that they provide an example for the
submitter to follow.

Either way, I'm not interested in problems that have no solutions.
The only "solution" I see here is to suffocate every contributor until
they are "tactful enough" for the majority's liking, and "remove" the
ones that don't conform.  If you do have an alternate solution, please
share it with us.
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