Theodore Ts'o wrote:
> But if people who *are* senior developers in the git community decide,
> on their own, that someone isn't worth listening to, there's the
> punishment has been inflicted, and this happens without banning
> someone from posting or removing them from the mailing list.

Yes, I have already been punished by several people.  As a result of
my arguments on this thread, everyone will treat me like a troll in
the future.

As a rational person, why have I inflicted this upon myself?  To make
a point about how increased tolerance is the way to reduce fires?  No,
it is not worth it.  Either way, I have failed miserably: by being
deliberately untactful, I have only aggravated the community.

> Please stop.

I have no desire to constantly exhibit deviant behavior that offends a
large majority.

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