Hi list,

I wonder if Git is multithreaded ? For example, during a commit, does it process the files one after one, or does it use a set of threads, say 10, to process 10 files in parrallel ?

In the Git_Guide (http://wiki.sourcemage.org/Git_Guide.html), I can read this :

"T/o enable aut-detection for number of threads to use (good for multi-CPU or multi-core computers) for packing repositories, use: /////


///$ git config --global pack.threads "0"/  "

But it is not a lot explanatory (to me). In particular, if Git is multithreded and can be configured regarding the number of workers, I wonder in which operations it uses it ?

A clear view of this may be of interrest for hooks or filters that may use a daemon, in order to not have this daemon be a bottle-neck. It would make sense to start as many workers in the daemon that there are authorized ones in Git.


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