Ramkumar Ramachandra <artag...@gmail.com> writes:

> Junio C Hamano wrote:
>>> What is wrong with git describe?  Is this cheaper, or am I missing 
>>> something?
>> I think what you are missing is that the "detached from" is not
>> about your current HEAD after you flipped it around with many resets
>> and commits.  It is about what tag or what specific commit you
>> detached your HEAD at originally.
> No, it is about what tag of specific commit you detached your HEAD
> from, *without using checkout*.  If you used checkout, you'd get the
> "detached at" message, and I haven't changed that.

The part you stripped from your quote looked like this:

>> You were at 1.8.2 but no longer are, so in the following sequence:
>>     $ git checkout v1.8.2
>>     $ git status
>>     $ git reset --hard HEAD^
>>     $ git status
>> the former would say "detached at v1.8.2" while the latter should
>> *not*, because we are no longer at v1.8.2.  "detached from v1.8.2"
>> is too subtle a way to express the state, and is confusing, but I
>> would not be surprised if people find it useful to be able to learn
>> "v1.8.2" even after you strayed away.

And your justification to make the latter "git status" to say "Not
on any branch" instead of "detached from" was "what is wrong with

The user used "checkout" to detach the HEAD, and the user stayed in
that detached state and jumped around.  Where is this "without using
checkout" coming from?
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