Junio C Hamano wrote:
> The part you stripped from your quote looked like this:

Apologies for the lack of clarity.

>>> You were at 1.8.2 but no longer are, so in the following sequence:
>>>     $ git checkout v1.8.2
>>>     $ git status
>>>     $ git reset --hard HEAD^
>>>     $ git status
>>> the former would say "detached at v1.8.2" while the latter should
>>> *not*, because we are no longer at v1.8.2.  "detached from v1.8.2"
>>> is too subtle a way to express the state, and is confusing, but I
>>> would not be surprised if people find it useful to be able to learn
>>> "v1.8.2" even after you strayed away.
> And your justification to make the latter "git status" to say "Not
> on any branch" instead of "detached from" was "what is wrong with
> describe".

In this example, it is inconsequential whether I run:

  $ git checkout v1.8.2^


  $ git checkout v1.8.2
  $ git reset --hard @^

as far as describe is concerned.  It will give me the same good
consistent answer in either case.

> The user used "checkout" to detach the HEAD, and the user stayed in
> that detached state and jumped around.  Where is this "without using
> checkout" coming from?

The point I was trying to make is:

  $ git checkout v1.8.2
  $ git checkout @^

will give a different result once again.  As the end-user, I use
checkout to inspect detached HEAD states, and reset to update

Did my response to your examples make sense?  Are you convinced that
this feature should be removed yet?
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