> changes from the V2:
>   - Add a way to test, without installation, code that uses

This still needs to be documented, even very quickly, somewhere in the
code (e.g a comment in the Makefile).

> -build install clean:
> +copy_pm:
> +     cp $(GIT_MEDIAWIKI_PM) $(GIT_ROOT_DIR)/perl/blib/lib/

I already commented on this:

Also, it seems to be only part of the solution. With your change, from
contrib/mw-to-git/ and after running only "make",

./git-mw takes the installed version of in priority

../../bin-wrappers/git takes the installed version of git-mw only (i.e.
does not know "git mw" if "make install" hasn't been ran).

>  perlcritic:
> -     perlcritic -2 *.perl
> +     perlcritic -2 *.perl
> \ No newline at end of file

Please, avoid these whitespace-only changes. They create noise during
review, and more potential conflicts.

Matthieu Moy
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