Benoît Person <> writes:

> On 17 June 2013 09:12, Matthieu Moy <> wrote:
>>>> Also, it seems to be only part of the solution. With your change, from
>>>> contrib/mw-to-git/ and after running only "make",
>>>> ./git-mw takes the installed version of in priority
>>>> ../../bin-wrappers/git takes the installed version of git-mw only (i.e.
>>>> does not know "git mw" if "make install" hasn't been ran).
>>> Same thing as the documentation point, I think I am a bit lost in that
>>> whole thing. I will re-look into it for the next version :/ .
>> In short, the include path should contain both the *.pm file and the
>> git-<foo> ones.
> The fact is, for now, is there a way to test changes in
> git-remote-mediawiki.perl without 'make install'-ing it ? I could not find one

You can put contrib/mw-to-git/ in your $PATH, and then run git normally.

> So maybe in the "build-perl-script" of the toplevel Makefile we could add
> something copying the script at the toplevel ?

I find this a bit dirty, as it polutes the toplevel with untracked files
(that are not in the .gitignore file). But that's what the testsuite
already does (IIRC, it does a symlink), so I'd say it's OK for now.

Matthieu Moy
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