Mathieu Lienard--Mayor:

+       /*
+        * If the file stopped-sha does not exist
+        * we go back to the old output saying "a commit"
+        * instead of providing the commit's SHA1.
+        */
+       if (!stopped_sha) {
+               stopped_sha = "a commit";
+               must_free_stopped_sha = 0;
+       }

This is missing gettext markers, and besides that, it very difficult to handle for translators. Please consider changing the code to use different strings based on what you want to insert, i.e.:

                if (state->branch)
                        status_printf_ln(s, color,
-                                        _("You are currently splitting a commit 
while rebasing branch '%s' on '%s'."),
+                                        ("Splitting %s while rebasing branch '%s' 
on '%s'."),

   stopped_sha ? _("Splitting %s while rebasing branch '%s' on '%s'.")
               : _("Splitting a commit while rebasing branch '%2$s' on '%3$s'.")

or something similar.

\\// Peter -
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