On Tue, 18 Jun 2013, Jeff King wrote:

TL;DR: I'm just confirming what's said here! =)

My understanding of curl's pointer requirements are:

 1. Older versions of curl (and I do not recall which version off-hand,
    but it is not important) stored just the pointer. Calling code was
    required to manage the string lifetime itself.

 2. Newer versions of curl will strdup the string in curl_easy_setopt.

That's correct. This "new" behavior in (2) was introduced in libcurl 7.17.0 - released in September 2007 and should thus be fairly rare by now.

I mention this primarily because I think it should be noted that there will probably be very little testing by users with such old libcurl versions. It may increase the time between a committed change and people notice brekages caused by it. Even Debian old-stable has a much newer version.

For older versions, if we were to grow the strbuf, we might free() the pointer provided to an earlier call to curl_easy_setopt. But since we are about to call curl_easy_setopt with the new value, I would assume that curl will never actually look at the old one (i.e., when replacing an old pointer, it would not dereference it, but simply overwrite it with the new value).

Another accurate description.


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