after a couple of months of inactivity I recently updated my git clone
from the main repo, and later ran 'git gc', which, of course,
dutifully pruned the old reflog entries, leaving my reflogs quite

$ git reflog master
0dbd8125 master@{0}: merge origin/master: Fast-forward

Then later I had to access the previous state, which I usually do with
master@{1}, but not this time:

$ git log --oneline -1 master@{1}
fatal: Log for 'master' only has 1 entries.

Annoyed, I just copy-pasted the sha and got the job done.

However, I wonder why it didn't worked.  'git reflog' didn't print
master@{1} or any message for the oldest entry, but I can live without
that.  The sha is undoubtedly there, however, so git should know where
master@{1} points and should "Just Work", shouldn't it?


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