SZEDER Gábor <> writes:

> $ git log --oneline -1 master@{1}
> fatal: Log for 'master' only has 1 entries.
> Annoyed, I just copy-pasted the sha and got the job done.
> However, I wonder why it didn't worked. 'git reflog' didn't print
> master@{1} or any message for the oldest entry, but I can live without
> that.

There lies your answer, no?

Each of the log entry records "this was before, and this is after
the change".  ref@{0} reads from the "after" field of 0-th (from the
end) entry. ref@{1} reads from the "after" field of 1-st (again from
the end) entry.  ref@{N} reads from the "after" field of N-th (again
from the end) entry.

Notice that nowhere in the above sequence we read from "before" field.

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