Jeff King <> writes:

>> Perhaps making sure the index is empty is sufficient, then?
> That would not let you pull when you have "foo" staged, but upstream
> does not have "foo" at all. To be fair, that is quite a corner case, and
> simply rejecting the pull entirely may be OK.

That simplicity was what I was hinting at ;-).

> But read-tree already does
> the hard work for us, so I don't think it is a lot of code either way.

OK, I just got an impression from reading the back-and-forth between
you two that read-tree does not want to deal with that case.

But yes, if you say "I have this index, and I am straying away from
an empty tree to that commit", with two-tree form "read-tree -m -u",
everything should work correctly, including the bit that says "nah,
nah, you have added 'foo' but the other guy also adds 'foo', so I'll

So please scratch that short-cut suggestion.

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