Eduardo R. D'Avila <erdavila <at>> writes:

> +             local c_red='\[\e[31m\]'
> +             local c_green='\[\e[32m\]'
> +             local c_lblue='\[\e[1;34m\]'
> +             local c_clear='\[\e[0m\]'
>       fi
> -     local c_red='\e[31m'
> -     local c_green='\e[32m'
> -     local c_lblue='\e[1;34m'
> -     local c_clear='\e[0m'

I've gotten the impression it's better to use tput to generate the escape 
sequences instead of hardcoding them. So something like:

        local c_red='\['"$(tput setaf 1)"'\]'
        local c_green='\['"$(tput setaf 2)"'\]'
        local c_green='\['"$(tput setaf 4)"'\]'
        local c_clear='\['"$(tput sgr0)"'\]'

which is technically cleaner, if not visually.
The problem with that approach is that tput will be run several times for 
each prompt, so it would be best if the color variables were global. Another 
thing is that you rely on tput being available.


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