2013/6/23 SZEDER Gábor <sze...@ira.uka.de>:
> I'm wary of relying on tput's availability.  It's part of ncurses,
> which is an essential package in many (most? all?) linux distros, but
> I don't know how it is with other supported platforms.  So I think
> we'd have to stick to the hard-coded escape sequences as a fallback
> anyway. (...)
> However, I don't know much about the caveats of terminals, so I can't
> judge the benefits of using tput instead of the escape sequences.

I'm exactly in the same situation...

> considering the additional delay that would be caused by fork()ing
> four subshells and fork()+exec()ing four external commands on Windows.

Well... That would be only once, during script loading.

Given the concerns raised by Gábor (edited and quoted above) and that
there is no known issue (afaik) with the current implementation, I'm
tending to revert to the escape sequences.
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