Matthieu Moy <> writes:

> I really don't like this. If we go for a solution looking explicitely at
> argv[], we should at least iterate over it (also not satisfactory
> because --porcelain could be the argument of another switch).

Ram, thanks for a report.

I won't comment on what is the correct way to see if "--porcelain"
is given by the caller before I have enough time to think about it,
but we did read configurattion even when "--porcelain"is given
before the topic was merged, and I think it was done for a good

Configuration related to the output format (like color=always) must
be ignored under "--porcelain", but if we do not read core-ish
configuration variables (e.g. core.crlf) that affect the logic to
list what is changed what is not, we would not give the right
result, no?

So checking "--porcelain" option and skipping configuration may not
be a solution but merely trading one regression with another.

For now, I'll revert the merge and see if people can come up with a
reasonable way forward.  My knee-jerk reaction is that, because the
"--porcelain" output was designed to be extensible and scripts
reading from it is expected to ignore what it does not understand,
if the setting of status.branch is a problem, the reading side is
buggy and needs to be fixed.

Do we have in-core reader that does not behave well when one or both
of these configuration variables are set (perhaps something related
to submodule?)???
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