Junio C Hamano wrote:
> As I said in the other message, I'll revert the merge of the topic
> branch from 'master' for now, and queue this on top of the topic so
> that we will have the preventive fix when the topic is in a better
> shape for the other possible breakage on the "--branch" thing.

Thanks, a quick revert is probably the best way to go.

> That is, "git commit --short/--porcelain/-z" has these three
> possibilities:
>  - work (ignoring these options);
>  - work (showing the template in some kind of "short" format); or
>  - error out (clearly indicating that we did *not* make a commit).

Actually, I had a different idea: to make short (and porcelain, by
extension) set s->commitable correctly.  From a quick analysis, it
shouldn't be a hard problem.  Then, we can make

  $ git commit

display short-form status when there is nothing to commit.
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