Matthieu Moy <> writes:

> Scripts that want the branch information can use --branch.
> Scripts that do not have absolutely nothing to gain in getting this
> extra output (only extra parser complexity).

OK, I could buy that.

I personally have always _assumed_ that the way the "--porcelain"
output was meant to evolve was to make sure scripts are robust to
ignore what it does not care about, so that we allow people to add
more types of information without breaking the syntax, but script
writers have been assuming otherwise and there is no clearly written
rule in the documentation, so it is too late to enforce it now.

That means after we add more and more other options like --branch
that enrich the output in several years, scripts that want to use
the enriched data need to pass tons of options to get what they
want, which is not very nice, but at least it won't break the status
quo, and "ask for only what you use" is a good principle for scripts

Thanks for a sanity check.

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