Ramkumar Ramachandra <artag...@gmail.com> writes:

> Junio C Hamano wrote:
>> If we want to continue that tried-and-proven approach as a
>> short-term fix, a patch may look like this.
> I don't like this special-casing for show_branch at all.

The patch does not special-case show_branch at all, in that I would
expect that people over time will want to add more and more
configuration not to type short and sweet command line options.  The
primary value of the patch is to illustrate how we would ignore the
ones we do not want when we want to still call git_status_config().
It lays a groundwork for doing so, using one single variable we
happen to know about today as an example.

> What is the
> problem with skipping branch configuration altogether and going
> straight to diff-ui configuration, like I suggested earlier?

Why diff-*UI*-config, not diff_basic or even default_core?

I actually find that alternative approach a lot nicer, and I wish
the world were that simple.

One thing that complicates the matter is that "--porcelain" output
is affected by "status.showuntrackedfiles" setting, whose parser
dates only back to June 2008, while --porcelain came much later in
Sep 2009.  So we have close to four years worth of user scripts that
read from --porcelain and expects no untracked paths shown in a
repository with that configration set.  If we care about not
breaking people's scripts, we need to somehow arrange the option to
keep honoring status.showuntrackedfiles setting, which may mean that
we cannot just say "let's bypass git_status_config() and be done
with it".

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