On Thu, Jun 27, 2013 at 08:46:56PM +0800, Woody Wu wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a colleague who has to left our office for three month, but still
> need to work on the project which is hosted on our in-office git
> repository. Problem is that our company has firewall, it's not possible
> or not allowed to access the company LAN outside the building.  So I
> want to ask you expert, can you suggest a best practice of git workflow
> that suitable to my situation?

There's a number of ways that git can communicate with an other git
repo. However, communication needs access. You can for example e-mail
changes or sen them as files manually with git sneakernet functionality.
However those cases would be as bad (or worse) than to open your

The "best" solution would be a remote repository outside your firewall
where your inhouse team and your outhouse developer can share stuff with
eachother. However the securitry for this special project will be lower.
(Maybe this isn't an important project to you, I don't know). This
repository can be at your inhouse-site, at your developer or at some
third part. Use ssh with keys and passphrases to communicate.

Keep in mind that a git repository contains all of your source history.
Your security for that source code will be whatever security your
outhouse developer has. If he fails with his security, there's no
meaning with having great inhouse security.

If this isn't an option I would suggest that you establish an encrypted
sneakernet (for example over UPS/bike messengers/whatever) between your
developer and your office. Or just ask yourself if your security
settings really is sane.

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