John Keeping <> writes:

>> @@ -176,7 +176,7 @@ aborts in the middle.  You can recover from this in one 
>> of two ways:
>>  . hand resolve the conflict in the working directory, and update
>>    the index file to bring it into a state that the patch should
>> -  have produced.  Then run the command with the '--resolved' option.
>> +  have produced.  Then run the command with the '--continue' option.
> It isn't new in this patch, but there is an inconsistency in the quoting
> of the options here.  In the previous hunk we use backticks but here it
> uses SQs.

Whatever the user is expected to literally type, like the dashed options,
should be typeset in tt so `--continue` is the right form.

I am not inviting anybody to throw a patch that was generated by
blindly running:

        sed -e "s/'\(--[a-z_]*\)'/`\1`/g"

to touch 50+ files without thinking, by the way.  It is so easy that
it can even be done by a trained monkey, but it also is very easy to
fail to spot misconversion.  Done in small batches with a throttled
rate of patchflow, we may have sufficient review bandwidth to audit
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