Junio C Hamano <gits...@pobox.com> writes:

> As far as I can tell, the only real reason why you need this and
> cannot use ../../bin-wrappers/git directly is because the GITPERLLIB
> it gives you only points at ../../perl/blib/lib and not this
> directory.

Not only. You also need to have contrib/mw-to-git/ in the $PATH to be
able to run "git mw" and "git clone mediawiki::...".

>  - Is there a reason you would not want to "install" whatever Perl
>    modules you want to "use" via GITPERLLIB mechanism to
>    ../../perl/blib/lib?

A previous version of the patch did something like this. This previous
iterations had issues, IIRC with the PATH, but they should be solvable
(and most likely independant from the $GITPERLLIB).

>  Perhaps it will interfere with the real installation step in
>  ../../perl/Makefile? If that is the case, then it is not a good idea,
>  but otherwise, that would let you use ../../bin-wrappers/git as-is.

I do not like very much the idea of having the same target directory for
two Makefiles, but that's just instinctive suspicion, not a real

>  - Perhaps we could do:
>       GITPERLLIB="${GPLEXTRA+$GPLEXTRA:}@@BUILD_DIR@@/perl/blib/lib"
>    in wrap-for-bin.sh, so that your instruction can become
>       GPLEXTRA=$(pwd) ../../bin-wrappers/git whatever-mw-thing

You'd have to tweak the $PATH too, but that could be done by a very
small wrapper calling Git's bin-wrapper/git, like this:

GIT_EXEC_PATH=$(cd "$(dirname "$0")" && cd ${GIT_ROOT_DIR} && pwd)

exec "${GIT_EXEC_PATH}/bin-wrappers/git" "$@"

Matthieu Moy
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