> GIT_ROOT_DIR=../../..
> GIT_EXEC_PATH=$(cd "$(dirname "$0")" && cd ${GIT_ROOT_DIR} && pwd)
> GIT_MEDIAWIKI="$GIT_EXEC_PATH"/contrib/mw-to-git
> PATH="$GIT_MEDIAWIKI"/contrib/mw-to-git:"$PATH"
> GPLEXTRA="$GIT_MEDIAWIKI"/contrib/mw-to-git
> exec "${GIT_EXEC_PATH}/bin-wrappers/git" "$@"
Should I do that in a reroll ?

>>> Two possible alternatives:
>>>  - Is there a reason you would not want to "install" whatever Perl
>>>    modules you want to "use" via GITPERLLIB mechanism to
>>>    ../../perl/blib/lib?
>> If we are making modifications to Git/Mediawiki.pm or even git-mw.perl
>> / git-remote-mediawiki.perl, installing them without proper testing
>> beforehand seems wrong.
> That's not "installing" (i.e. not "make install"), just a copy within
> the source tree. Same as what's done in Git's toplevel.
Oh right, sorry, read it too quickly :/ Well, I still find it weird to
copy untested files out of contrib/mw-to-git/ though.

Another idea crossed my mind: for now the test suite creates a symlink
of git-remote-mediawiki in the toplevel if it's not installed. It
would be better to use the bin-wrapper in the testsuite I think ?
(plus, with the current solution, it may have problems finding the
latest Git::Mediawiki.pm)
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