On Thu, Jun 27, 2013 at 07:51:57AM +0200, Michael Haggerty wrote:

> > In theory we can drop the safety valve; it should never actually happen.
> > But I'd like to keep it there for working systems. Perhaps it is worth
> > doing something like this:
> > 
> > [...#ifdef out consistency check on cygwin when lock is held...]
> Yes, this would work.
> But, taking a step back, I think it is a bad idea to have an unreliable
> stat() masquerading as a real stat().  If we want to allow the use of an
> unreliable stat for certain purposes, let's have two stat() interfaces:
> * the true stat() (in this case I guess cygwin's slow-but-correct
> implementation)
> * some fast_but_maybe_unreliable_stat(), which would map to stat() on
> most platforms but might map to the Windows stat() on cygwin when so
> configured.

Yeah, that makes sense to me. I don't have a particular opinion on which
way to go, as I do not use cygwin at all (and on most platforms, the
two stat interfaces would just both call stat()).

I will leave it up to Cygwin folks whether they want to do something
like my patch as a band-aid while working up the two-stat() solution.

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