Torsten Bögershausen wrote:
[ ... ]

>>> (And have a look how to improve the core.filemode)
>> I don't understand this (parenthetical) comment; could you
>> elaborate on this.

> This is probably wrong information:
> I had in mind that cygwin sets core.filemode=false,

It does, see commit c869753e ("Force core.filemode to false on
Cygwin", 30-12-2006).

> which is quite annoying when exchanging .sh files with linux.

Indeed, I used to build git with NO_TRUSTABLE_FILEMODE reset so
that I wouldn't have to edit the config file by hand after a
git-clone or git-init.

> But that seems to be wrong, a quick test shows that core.filemode=true.

Hmm, it shouldn't - confused!

> Sorry for confusion.

Ramsay Jones

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