Ed Hutchins <e...@demeterr.com> writes:

> I realize that branch names are ephemeral repo-specific things, but it
> would be really useful to be able to determine what branch a commit
> was authored from (as a hint to ancestry graph layout tools, for
> example). Is there any way to do this currently, is it planned, or
> would it be deemed useful enough to be worth adding to each commit
> object?

FWIW, this is what Mercurial's "named branches" do. Instead of having
branches point to commit, each commit says what branch it belongs to.

One drawback of this approach is that the branch name is part of the
commit and can't be changed without changing the commit's sha1. Hence, a
local, private, branch name becomes permanent the day it's merged

(for completeness: Mercurial also has essentially Git-like branches,
but they call this "bookmarks")

Matthieu Moy
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